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    Wife Spreading on Public Beach

    Until it arrived a couple of weeks ago I had never even seen one, let alone used one, so the following vid was taken the first time I used it. I had no idea what to expect but after a slightly tentative test run......I think I could get used to it!!........big time!

    February 2019 8:16:1

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    two nice back packers at beach in nz

    Pussy Sicle - havent posted in a couple months so wife asked if i wanted to take some pix of her fucking a popsicle....silly silly girl. hope you enjoy, we did. p.s. if comments are good we'll post the rest of the pix.

    February 2019 10:12:30

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    nudist touching himself on the beach

    hello kate and gang, after a time here are some pics we took in our living room for all of you horny people out there. hope you like them. as usual i have to blurr my face. losing the job ain`t funny. thanks for all your lovely comments. a big kiss from summerlady

    February 2019 15:31:23


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    Wrote steveholt15

    Beautiful hair.

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    Wrote assmaniac

    Beautiful girl. She has very awesome tits. If any of you girls look like this and want to get fucked on the beach just let me know

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    Wrote hellcat666

    Donna Derriere from Wrexham.

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    Wrote penketh5254

    Belle vid o quand même :) !!!!

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    Wrote wildridemum

    i gotta party with them

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    Wrote alanbmx

    D licieux !

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    Wrote ridemetil

    My Sister and I were Lovers til I married and my Wife gave us a Daughter!

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    Wrote kiki91

    Awesome sex on the beach. Nothing better than the smell of the sea and hot pussy.

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    Wrote itsallgoo

    Instant fav*****

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    Wrote ennie

    The only thing short is the video.nice big cock to look at, from a cockaholic

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    Wrote loli2005

    damn shes like one of the best girls round here :)

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    Wrote MASTERB8R

    sand in pussy is not a good feeling

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    Wrote psychosis

    thx for being my friend hot stuff

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    Wrote jovana83

    idiot shes latina and NOT amateur! do research so you dont look and sound stupid!

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    Wrote bestundre

    she hot titties, i have to admit!

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    Wrote ram_man

    beach bimbo{/PROB}it just doesn't get any better unless you are there

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    Wrote foundatio

    beach bimboNaomi je te kiffe ! Geweldig!

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    Wrote natalilov

    beach bimboGreat!, more please. Hot clip! i dig the swingers standin around snapping pix laughing and cheering. i said it before Valentina you go to some wild fuckin parties lol Boooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg I have done this and had guys walk in like that to use the bathroom. My BF exploded in me as the guy was peeing!!! another perfect day at the beach, up in the dunes, people watching and waiting for a turn!!! but what was the clip meant to be !! super video... Lisa must be getting desperate.. ;)

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    Wrote Flomo81

    beach bimboAwesome videos!!! Thank you for accepting my invite. Suis s rieux Great video, so sexy. elle est bonne!

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    Wrote Dors

    beach bimbolove the fully clothed wankers in the background

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    Wrote AlwaysLau

    beach bimboThis slut is known, occurs in eromaxx, peesquad and cumsquad looks like fake but still so hot Love the big bouncing boobs einfach geil so ein fick am meer...... TighT TighT TighT FuckiN BodY!! Le cap Canaille m rite bien son nom! hot pussys Glad you like my flexible pussy! :)

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    Wrote chaspinkney

    beach bimboAIDS

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    Wrote teenlover2

    beach bimboVery nice, their both total babes

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    Wrote hico3000

    beach bimbobeautiful tits have to be seen by everyone thanks Bionce for sharing this vid with us .... holiday and beach trips are fantastic - and comment to this vid: luckiest man on earth ;-) i love this vid!!!! Perfekt!!!!

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    Wrote iloveblon

    beach bimboyep. public bath house with a female cleaner in the males section. seems perfectly logical.

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    Wrote domoc470

    beach bimboThey should take this in the road! merci nice and fun fuck !!! best job great fuck beach nice one. sex on the beach is always an arousal. goofy slut has really nice nipples She is sooooo cute! its crazyyy !!

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    Wrote zendopartys

    beach bimbowish i had some like her on my beach wow she is fucking horny just had a great wank watching this Sexy as they come.

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    Wrote bingo1

    beach bimbogood fuckin elle vont se faire d monter if ur a lesbian why the fuck are u using a strap on.. aint that the point that u turned lesbian.. u dont like dick.. Tatiana's sexy accent just draws me in - beautiful

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    Wrote andypandy

    beach bimbolove the sun comment elle se fait d boiter le cul la salope!! extra avec ses bonnes mamelles This is really outstanding ! Keep up the good work !

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    Wrote voyeursex

    beach bimboyou hungry girl ass like an 18 year old girl She should go to public with the cum on her face Hello to all and thank you all for your comments I just noticed that this video has already been posted then I let still hoping not to have to remove it because it is beautiful! can someone PM me her name please Nice outdoor play nice watching girls big cunts and bum I heard they later had their dicks cut off by Arabs She is amazing!! So gorgeous!! Ass so fat need a lapdance hot damn Hope her tits are as awesome as that pussy, but you never see them! Darn! elysa,i do dream of you.i dream i see you one day doing this,it makes me want to do the same but i dont think it will have the same effect lol. extremely shitbrowned ass ... urgh ... dam hot She is hot just as in all of her other videos. {PROB-20%}

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