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    stunning pawg mature pear beach ass

    Hi Kate and crew! Thank you for this wonderful site! For all of those that left comments on my "I'm Back" contri a big thank you goes out to you too. Hey Asher, Hell yes I can cook grits! The best damn grits around! I hunt, fish and even bait my own hook. :-) xoxoxo

    June 2018 12:55:6

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    teen jiggly tits on beach spy 31

    Thanks for the great responses. We changed our screen name from Lacey to Julia because one of the people that responed said there was someone else using Lacey (spelled Lacy). Lacey was a nickname anyway. Hope you enjoy. Keep the requests coming. Please do not show e-mail

    June 2018 24:9:18

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    Beach Banging - DP - Facial - Part 2

    Hi all...sorry for the poor quality these were taken in elevators with my cell phone, after a late night out.... Her-38yo-34C-110#-5'4".....if there is any interest in 'middle-age ladies' we have more to share :-) Enjoy....

    June 2018 19:19:1


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    Wrote Fretler

    Gonna have to make my way down there one of these days.....sample some of that pussy!

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    Wrote BlueLabel

    Nice wiev

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    Wrote chester27

    Mmm... nice profile... I love a submissive horny little slut *evilgrin*

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    Wrote bolod74

    I enjoy real public videos. I trust this one wasn't using a rear screen backdrop or some other phoney manipulations. The idea of sucking a cock right out in public is a big time fantasy. The closest I came was sucking me dad behind a corner booth table in a restaurant. This girl is good but she needs to show a little more enthusiasm. Also I was hoping to see her lick their cum back up from her hands. Oh, well, it was exhilarating to watch.

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    European nude beach goers don't really care if your giving or receiving a handjob? I noticed no one stared.

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    very nice! i wish was there too!

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    She is so hot, just watch her nips rise.

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    Wrote plopie

    yeah, love to see the guys watching, can you do a sequel in a park?

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    Wrote philztheone

    Good girls swallow, no doubt about it!

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    Wrote AliHazzard

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    Wrote Sven40

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    id like to fill her gash

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    extremely good

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    A ver si van a tener un accidente hahaha

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    Lucky dood

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    Wrote sunny553

    what are nude beaches look likeNice one Naomi!

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    When my sister and I were 13 and 14 the local policeman caught us fucking with dad's solicitor. He'd already fucked and cum in me and was in my sister. She'd only had a few fucks but had really liked it and was making a lot of noise which alerted the copper. The solicitor cleared off and the policeman was going to take us the the police station but my sister kept bending down to pick up our clothes and he was getting a good view of her cunt from behind. He never actually said anything but he got hold of me and soon had his fingers in my hole. Sis got his cock out and in her mouth very quickly and an hour later he was exhausted having fucked both of us and also been sucked off. He was a very big man but his cock wasn't anything special for size although we later found that he could keep it really hard for absolutely ages. He once fucked mum, me, my sister and another woman in the wood behind our house and cum in all of us, the same evening he fucked me again and my friends sister. The first time we had met him he must have been emptying himself into other some girls

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    he isnt just looking like an idiot...he also fucks like one.. LOL

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